Working with designer Casa Branca to place 2 images, Bield and Path v1 (paper size 44" x 57" each), at Brian Bolke's The Conservatory.

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Thank you Eggtooth Productions for letting me hang two 3' x 5' BW portraits of IAMLOVE and Kate H. to welcome people into the town. I hope their smiles spread...
For the month of June my work will be exhibited at the Woodbury Public Library in CT. There will be an Artist's Walk down Main Street with refreshments served at the library. Sales benefit the library so please stop by. Details to follow shortly...
Honored to have this prestigious magazine feature my latest series, The Forgotten. Medium Format Magazine is the #1 publication for medium and large format photography offering in depth articles with photographers on their techniques, stories and beautiful imagery. 11 pages on my work with an additional 80 pages of great reading. Please use link in Descriptions section and discount code WHEATON25 for 25% off.
ALWAYS KEEP MOVING FORWARD... Thoughts on my art: come up with strong idea, create said idea and then get the work out there. All three of these points have many steps to them and one of them is entering competitions. Sometimes I place and sometimes I never hear back, but I never am at a loss. Competitions force me to complete a body of work, write my Artist's Statement about the work and have the satisfaction of knowing I've created something that was once in my head and is now in someone's hands to critique. I LOVE EVERY STEP!!! (and yes, this does sound like a self-help reminder)
Odd mixture of laughing out loud while photographing this portrait of sibling clowns and feeling like I'm being watched from deep down in the woods.
Renaming my "Autumn Cloaks" series to "Leavescape". Reasoning: I am creating more cloaks and it's no longer Fall. Plus, I like the play on words of "Leaves + Landscape" and "Leaves + Cape".
So excited to have my work and interview in this professional trade magazine. The topic is on one of my newer series, The Forgotten.  Stay tuned for mid April publication.


I have been photographing the backs of people for decades now as I find the composition intriguing and never tire of looking at the form. This is a closeup of one of the captures.
It was always the plan to continue this series into the snowy winter months and portray some of the more somber portraits in contrast with the stark trees in the woods. Winter's blue toned light adds to the upright/uptight poses of these Victorian men making them appear not any more approachable but at least giving them a space to be viewed in.
Happy to post that I have a second site launched separate from my Fine Art work. Most of my Fine Art portfolios are void of people so it's a healthy balance to capture portraits, headshots and expectant mothers as well.


What photographer doesn't love capturing a portrait of someone and having them hit the mark perfectly. Our job is to make you feel comfortable, take you through the process and help you say, "Hell yeah, I got this!".
While pregnancy shoots are a 180 of from my fine art work, they are just as rewarding. To be able to capture a first time soon to be mother (in this particular case) is a very intimate and heart warming event.
Digital display loop during Portrait: Self and Others Exhibition
Rufus in Oak Cloak, projected on continuous loop in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition "Self and Others" and in exhibition catalog. Juror Aline Smithson. Exhibition dates December 29, 2022 - January 20, 2023.


New series dropped this month using the beauty of Nature and my wanting to stop the hands of time. To preserve a moment or an appearance is a true gift to a photographer. Another gift was being able to work with my son who modeled my hand made capes. Each cloak and its leaves were either woven into the fabric, hot glued or stapled; a labor of love as they say.
Artist Interview by Interior Design team at Casa Branca. To read the article please select READ MORE below to find the link.


The Forgotten.… brings into the light, those whom have been forgotten by time or place. The concept behind this series stems from 6 years of Friday visits to the local auction house in search of frames. Some of these frames were empty, while others held landscapes, still lifes or portraits. When my bid won a 3.5'x 5' framed painting of a soldier I felt disrespectful discarding his image and he was placed as guardian of our garage. As the canvas collection grew, I started thinking of the time, care and love put into these portraits of people I will never know in person or in name. I do know they were loved. These portraits have brush strokes and eraser marks where time and attention was given to the subject.
I have always been drawn to the images of the back of people. With the face obscured it removes the personal aspect of the piece. it also requires the viewer to ask where the subject is headed or where did they come from. The passage of time and our history has always played an important role in my work. *This particular photograph is of our daughter wearing her grandmother's 66 year old custom made dress.
New series focusing on the geometry, color and movement of pathways via the subject of hedges.
100% of proceeds from sales will go to help humanitarian aid and relief to Ukrainians.


Editing new work focusing on hedges
100% of proceeds from sales will go to help humanitarian aid and relief to Ukrainians.
Continuing with my quarterly photography competition submissions to LensCulture's judging panel.
Bield and Path V1, 2006 are now hanging in founder Brian Bolke's The Conservatory in Highland Park, Dallas. Special thank you to Casa Branca and her team for making this connection.
CLICK Submission: Day in the Life. Image capture May, 2015, Los Angelos, CA.
Portrait Masters Awards Submission 2022. Submitted Magnolia and Clamshell maternity photographs to Masters competition.
Bield 2/10 (40" x 53") and Path v 1, 2006 4/10 (40" x 53") both shipped to Dallas for framing in preparations for the February 2nd opening of designer Brian Bolke's store, The Conservatory, in Highland Park, Dallas.
Working with designer Casa Branca to place 2 images, Bield and Path v1 (paper size 44" x 57" each), at Brian Bolke's The Conservatory.


Adding pregnancy portraits to Instagram
Researching Int'l cooperative exhibitions and publications for 2022 submission and portfolio review. 
Submission for Open Call (Click) - Layers. I submit to competitions and publications quarterly.  10 images: 3 x Game Boards, 3 x Pregnancy w/ fabric toss, 3 x images from Cradle to Grave series submitted. Chose a variety for submission as the definition of "layers" has wide creative interpretation.


Working on site editing.

Printing for Dallas show room in Highland Park


Working with designer Casa Branca to place 2 images, Bield and Path v1 (paper size 44" x 57" each), at Brian Bolke's The Conservatory.