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Portrait Masters Awards Submission 2022. Submitted Magnolia and Clamshell maternity photographs to Masters competition.
Bield 2/10 (40" x 53") and Path v 1, 2006 4/10 (40" x 53") both shipped to Dallas for framing in preparations for the February 2nd opening of designer Brian Boyle's store, The Conservatory, in Highland Park, Dallas.
Working with designer Casa Branca to place 2 images, Bield and Path v1 (paper size 44" x 57" each), at Brian Bolke's The Conservatory.


Adding pregnancy portraits to Instagram
Researching Int'l cooperative exhibitions and publications for 2022 submission and portfolio review. 
Submission for Open Call (Click) - Layers. I submit to competitions and publications quarterly.  10 images: 3 x Game Boards, 3 x Pregnancy w/ fabric toss, 3 x images from Cradle to Grave series submitted. Chose a variety for submission as the definition of "layers" has wide creative interpretation.


Working on site editing.



Working on site editing.